Prepare your Touring Caravan for the winter.

9th October 2017. By Hayley Connolly


Just a few ideas we have learned from our Touring Caravan Insurance clients about closing up their tourer for the winter.


Drain the Water System

One of the most important things you must do for your Touring Caravan is drain the water systems – the waste and Fresh Water system must be empty. Any water left in the pipes will freeze in low temperatures and the pipes could burst.

Draining the cassette toilet is the perfect opportunity to clean it well.

Top Tip! Customers tell us they add small amounts of antifreeze to the plug holes so if there is any water in the U bends it will not freeze and cause any damage!

Beware of Damp

Condensation and Damp will destroy your Tourer. Initially there will be a musty smell, and if left to continue soft furnishings and wood finishes will become mouldy.

You must make sure there is adequate air circulating around cushions and mattresses.

Top Tip! Tip cushions and mattresses on their side during winter months to allow the fabric to breath.

It is also wise to leave all internal doors, cupboards, drawers, fridge etc. open to allow more efficient air circulation. On Dry Autumn days you can open the roof vent as long as you remember to close it on damp days!

Its best to empty the caravan of all bedding and towels to reduce the risk of damp and mould forming.

You can place small dishes of salt on the ledges and in cupboards to absorb any moisture that does form, and change them regularly.

A plastic caravan cover doesn’t let air in and as such can cause condensation between the cover and the outside of your van, completely negating all your hard work!

Wheel Safety

When the caravan has stood dormant for a while you must check the tyres for cracks and bulges before use.

Top Tip! If possible move the caravan every now and again over the winter months to ease the stress on the tyres.

A Winter Clean!

Always give your Touring Caravan a full winter clean down before you close it up. This will eliminate smells and make sure that nothing will rot, attract vermin, or cause any mould or bacteria to form and grow. Its best to make sure there are no food products left in the van, and as the caravan is left as empty as possible, the more air that can move around the cupboards and drawers – the less damp risks you are taking.


Make sure that you remove all gas bottles from the caravan, and that you have properly secured your Caravan to prevent theft or vandalism.

To make sure your Touring Caravan Insurance is adequate and that you are paying the best possible price for your cover – call us today on Free Phone 0800 612 2007.



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