Business Protection Refund For Northants Chamber Of Commerce Members


Home Shield Insurance is pleased to announce the launch of a new incentive for all new Business Protection Insurance customers who are also members of the Northamptonshire Chamber Of Commerce.


We are now offering a Premium Refund on the first three monthly instalments on all Director/Partner Share Protection, Key Man and Loan Protection Insurance policies, effectively meaning the first three months are free.


In April the British Chamber Of Commerce commissioned research into the Business Protection Gap for Key Man Insurance and Share Protection, which produced startling results. The reported gap is approximately £400 billion each. The report also highlighted the following areas:


• 98% of businesses had at least one key individual in their business

• 46% of businesses have unprotected corporate debt

• 44% of business owners expected their business to fold within 12 months of the death or critical illness of a key person

• 4% of business owners have shareholder protection


Company director Hayley Connolly commented: “The figures and statistics quoted are truly scary, particularly the fact that only 4% of business owners have shareholder protection. Considering the price of these policies is inexpensive they really are something that should not be overlooked.”


April 19th 2013


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